The Amazing Story of a Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Who Became the First Therapy Dog During WWII

Great Big Story recounted the history of a tiny Yorkie named Smokey who, during World War II, was adopted by a young Colonel Bill Wynne. Wynne, who was stationed in the South Pacific, took the dog with him everywhere and on more than one occasion, Smokey made sure that Wynne was out of harm’s way. Smokey also contributed to the cause by accompanying nurses on rounds and visiting with the injured soldiers, making her the first therapy dog in the world.

Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom. Well we’d look around, we got eight of our buddies all wounded around where Smokey and I were. If Smokey hadn’t taken me there, I would’ve been standing with the other guys. …Smokey gets credit for being the first therapy dog on record.