The Amazing Acro-Cats & The Woman Who Trains Them

Cats in general are just really unprofessional, they just don’t hold anything back, however they’re feeling, they go with it.

BuzzFeed Yellow profiles Samantha Martin, the Chicago-based “Chief Human and Trainer” behind the The Amazing Acro-Cats, one of four remaining cat circuses in the United States. The cats, who are all rescues, orphans and/or strays, are very well-trained to perform on command.

On Samantha’s cue, they perform tricks with various hoops, tumblers, skateboards, hoisting flags, reading signs, even rolling balls over parallel ropes! This amazing spectacle also includes performing mice, rats and even a cat vs chicken bowling show-down

Arguably, the most fantastic feature of the the act, however, is The Rock Cats, a band comprised of cats and includes a chicken and a groundhog.

You got Oz on guitar, Nue on piano and synthesizer, Dakota who is our main drummer, Sookie is on chimes, Tuna is on cowbell because everything needs more cowbell and Cluck Norris on cymbal and tamborine and we do have a groundhog who plays a gong.

The Amazing Acro-Cats tour schedule is posted on their site. Cats Tuna and Buggles are both on Twitter and the rest of the gang can be found on Facebook.

Dakota on Drums


Samantha and Buggles

Tuna and Tips

Jumping Cat

Who Is Number One

images via The Amazing Acro-Cats