The Adventures of Tadly Waldorfington, A Mimic Octopus

The Adventures of Tadly Waldorfington is a collaborative project between crafter Bethany Hockenberry and animator Scott Benson. This husband and wife team “hatched this scheme in the service of finding a project on which they could collaborate”.

Tadly is a mimic octopus who travels around the world exploring new sites. He transforms into whatever object best fits his surroundings and will aide in a thorough observation. He also has a friend and confidant named Abigail the Cat who a historian. She keeps him up to date on news from home with letters while researching colonial history for the local historical society.

Additional episodes are available on Scott’s website, Bombsfall. Hand-stitched plush versions of Tadly and Abigail are available at Bethany’s Etsy shop, Cleo Dee.

images via Cleo Dee

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff