Taylor Moore Teaches How to ‘Sex Your Food’ in Instructional Videos

This one can get sticky so save some water or rags.

Taylor Moore stars in “Sex Your Food,” a brilliant instructional web series that shows you (in a perfectly oh-so-wrong way) how to sex your foods, with previously hard-to-sex edible examples like cantaloupe and hoagies. The videos may raise more questions than provide answers but take a look, there’s more funny lessons in the series at his YouTube page.

Whoa your hoagie, cowboy.

Ham is a delicious holiday treat, everyone knows. But what color is the stocking, pink or blue? Get two fingers ready and also get ready to find out that answer!

It’s-a Pizz-a Pie-a! I-a tell-a you-a how to-a sex eet!

Toss this salad, but not out the window! At least not before you sex it. Do you know how? You will in a minute.

Mac and Cheese!

Spring jeans and green beans, two great things of Spring! One some pants and some some snacks.

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff