Talented Musicians Come Together to Recreate the Beauty of Istanbul Through Sound

“Mix Istanbul” is the latest project by Israeli video mixing artist Kutiman and produced by the British Council, which features talented musicians in different locations who came together to form a single, beautiful piece of music that recreated the beauty of Istanbul through their instruments. Kutiman has invited musicians all over to world to create their own mix through Mix The City.

You can create your own mix on Mix The City, an interactive music platform for users to remix and share their own versions of Istanbul.

The musicians involved in the project and the instruments they played.

Ertan Tekin – Duduk

Gencer Sava? – Percussions

Berna Efeoglu & Ülkü Akgün – Daf

Çimen Yalçin – Vocals

Derya Türkan – Istanbul Kemençe

Görkem Sen – Yaybahar

Cenk Erdogan – Bow Tanbur

Murat Ertel – Electric Saz

Metehan Çiftçi – Santur

Cüneyt Sepetçi – Clarinet

Can Aydemir – Bass Guitar

Alican Tezer – Drums

Ali Somay – Keyboard