Tacoma Man Plays ‘Taps’ on His Trumpet Every Day at Sunset to Honor the Military and His Neighbors

Don Brittan, a 78-year old retired aerospace worker and lifelong trumpet player, has been serenading his Tacoma, Washington neighbors with his horn every day at sunset for the past two years with a poignant version of “Taps” as a way to honor the soldiers in the military. Every morning he checks for the exact time of the sunset and at sundown, the entire neighborhood stops to listen when he plays. In an interview with CBS News, Brittan talks about how he wasn’t able to serve in the military but wants to do something now..

I do it to support our guys over there in the military. …I had polio when I was a kid, so I couldn’t serve. …I would have served in a heartbeat, you bet. …it [his playing] seems to move people, it has an effect on them.

via True North, American Digest, Neatorama