Man Adopts Cat Who Jumped In His Car at Taco Bell

While a man in Sylvester, Georgia, was at a Taco Bell drive-through, a sweet white and ginger cat climbed through the open window, inside his car, and onto his lap.

So I’m In The Taco Bell Drive Through and He Jumps Through My Car Window and Into My Lap. Reddit Meet Jose!

Because he was concerned about the cat’s welfare, the pair went to go see the local vet to find out if the cat was lost. Since he wasn’t reported missing or microchipped, the cat went home with the man where he was given a loving home and was subsequently named Jose. While the man was open to finding the cat’s human, he confirmed that Jose was now a part of his family.

Yep, he’s part of the family now. …People abandon healthy pets all the time here. Considering the town I found him in (not where I live) has a very low per capita income, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was left, part of an unwanted litter, or just stray all together. I’ll do my best to make sure he gets back to his owner if he has one, if not I’ll be happy to take him,

via I Heart Cats

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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