Tabletop Photography of Pop Culture Characters in Unfamiliar Situations by JD Hancock

Adventure Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Austin, Texas photographer JD Hancock has created a brilliant series of tabletop photos that places a variety of well-known “pop culture characters in unfamiliar situations.” You can view more his fun photography on Flickr.

Looking at JD Hancock’s photostream, it’s easy to understand why he proudly admits to being a self-proclaimed geek. JD loves taking photos of his favorite childhood characters ranging from comic books to science fiction and adventure movies. It’s his creative approach, however, that makes his work unique.

“I go out of my way to make my photos fun and whimsical. I love putting well-known pop culture icons in situations you normally wouldn’t see them in — just to get a laugh out of the viewer.”

Here is a behind-the-lens look at JD and his photography in an interview with The Weekly Flickr:

"That's a big Twinkie."
The New Girl
Happy April Fools Day!
"As you wish." Through The Brush
Ternary Allies
Diagnosis: Doomed!
Mario vs. Super Luigi (316/365)
Mario vs. Super Luigi Setup
Thunder Of Hooves

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