Sweden Calls Upon Switzerland to Clarify Confusion Between Their Countries In Clever Tourism Campaign

In a clever tourism campaign, the folks at Visit Sweden called upon Swiss officials to help them clarify the difference between Sweden and Switzerland to quell the constant confusion between the two.

Leaders and citizens of Switzerland, this is a message from Sweden. We’re contacting you regarding our mutual problem. Yes, I’m talking about this. It’s time we make the distinction between our two nations as clear as day by deciding who talks about what.

The faux-diplomatic speech pointed out the differences and gave examples of talking points for each country.

Our proposition is as follows: First of all, Switzerland gets to talk about banks. And Sweden gets to talk about sandbanks. Switzerland will focus on mountain tops. And Sweden will focus on rooftops. Switzerland gets to promote loud noises, such as yodeling. In return Sweden gets silence. And a lack of yodeling. LSD goes to Switzerland, because you invented that. And Sweden will get the Northern Lights. A different kind of surreal experience.