Artist Uses Her Background in Science to Create a Beautiful Line of Surreal Animal Sculptures

Strange and Gentle

Sculptor Ellen Jewett, a self-described natural history surrealist, has created a beutiful line of handmade surreal animal sculptures that reflect a strong element of realism that bring forth the artist’s background in anthropology, biology, and medical illustration.

Jewett says that her inspiration is “…derived from animal physiology and a love of the fantastic, grotesque and absurd,” a combination that makes each piece “unique and personable.”

Each sculpture is handmade and painted with no more tools than fingers and a paint brush. By virtue of this primal process, each creation is completely unique and produced in a fluid and intuitive manner. The process begins with a handmade metal armature over which light weight clay is sculpted. The painting is executed with acrylic, mineral and oil pigments and the embedded eyes are glass. When complete the whole piece is glazed to intensify colour and strength.

You are My Oasis

Foxes with Ringneck Parakeets




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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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