Styleblaster, A Real-Time Fashion Blog That Critiques People Walking Down The Street in Brooklyn


Styleblaster is a real-time fashion blog that takes photos of people walking down Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and “documents their style.” The blog’s webcam was recently set up by Jules Laplace and Mary Buford and is pointing out their window to the street. Artist Jack Kalish, their roommate, rigged the hidden cam with a motion detector so that it takes a photo of people as they walk by and immediately posts their fashion choices to Styleblaster for the internet to critique. Betabeat is reporting that a number of folks (mostly sent from the blog, Remeczla) are now trolling it by donning “weird masks and costumes” in front of the camera.


images via Styleblaster

via Gawker

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff