Michigan Seventh Grader Calmly Stops School Bus After Driver Passes Out

Dillon Reeves, a seventh-grader at Carter Middle School in Warren, Michigan, bravely saved the day when he grabbed the wheel and stopped the moving school bus after the driver lost consciousness in the middle of her route. Dillon is being rightly praised for his ability to remain calm under extreme pressure.

The female bus driver begins to slow down but never completes the task because she loses consciousness and the bus begins to veer into oncoming traffic. That’s when seventh grader Dylan Reeves jumps from a seat takes the wheel and slowly brings the bus to a stop. Even with the panic inside the bus Dylan remained calm.

Dillon’s parents were proud but not surprised by their son’s heroic action.

We got a little hero…he knew what to do. He’s been on my lap driving country roads and pulling in driveway since about four years old. Mom says her son is very observant and watched the bus driver many times the know-how is one thing the calm under pressure is another.