Streit’s Matzo Executive Explains Why They Have to Close Shop in New York City and Move to New Jersey

In “How Matzo is Made,” Alan Adler, the Executive Vice President of Streit’s Matzos talks with Potluck Video about their history, how they modernized matzo manufacturing in 1925, how their matzo is made, and how long they’ve put off having to move from their beloved Rivington Street location to another Streit’s location in New Jersey.

It was a very modern operation in 1925 but after ninety years it’s not quite as modern or as efficient as it used to be. This was a teaming overcrowded tenement when my great grandfather and his sons were working down here. …The neighborhood is definitely changing. A lot of the old Jewish mainstays have moved and there very few of us left down here and unfortunately we’re going to have to be moving as well. We just reached a point where this old factory could not economically be operated anymore. We tried to put it off as long as we could. …It will be very sad when we lock the door for the last time and hand the keys over to the new owners. It was inevitable and the decision, we’d been thinking about it for 10 years, so it was not all of a sudden…we knew it was coming.