Street Artifact, An Interactive Map That Plots Urban Street Art in Augmented Reality

Street Artifact is a beautifully laid out interactive open street map that plots locations and virtually displays 4K augmented reality 3D images of street art around neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon, New York City, and Karachi, Pakistan.

A project to capture ephemeral street artifacts using 4k color textured 3d scan, spatial web and augmented reality.

Street Artifact Jason Naylor
“Love” Street Mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Jason Naylor

The project’s founders explained that they came up with this idea when they saw an increase in city street art during COVID shutdowns and recognized the value that this information contained.

This project was concepted through the pandemic and social uprisings of 2020. Inspired by the Street Art and Graffiti that covered the shuttered city – across store walls, warehouses, train cars, a direct expression of outrage, joy or pain or just to leave a mark, we wanted to document the solidarity, ephemerality, and the interplay of the streets, art both commissioned and tagged, reflective of the current moment in culture.

Street Artifact Wburg
Street Mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Naveen Shakil
Street Artifact Karachi
Street Mural in Karachi, Pakistan

via Eli Schein

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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