A Young Steve Carell Plays a Ladykiller Who Helps a Neighbor Fold Laundry in a 1994 Second City Pilot

In a 1994 pilot for the short-lived The Second City’s 149 1/2 Edition, a young Steve Carell played the role of Chuck, an Ohio boy who just moved to the big city and needed to do some laundry in the middle of the night. After being told that all the machines had been taken, a friendly neighbor played by Jenna Jolovitz offers to speed things up if he’ll help her fold her laundry. The two get to talking and Chuck quite graphically reveals that he’s an indiscriminate sociopathic killer and then asks her out on a date.

Well usually at night you know I’ll be walking down the street and if there’s somebody walking ahead and there’s nobody else around I’ll take a cord out of my pocket and I’ll wrap it around their neck and I’ll twist it so I get some leverage and then I’ll take their head and I’ll tilt it so it’s facing into mine. You can tell how much oxygen is getting to the brain because the eyes start to dilate and roll to the side of the head. … I’m sorry this is boring you.