Stephen Colbert Offers Humorous Commentary on the Historic Supreme Court Ruling That Legalized Marriage Equality

Funnyman Stephen Colbert took a few minutes yesterday from preparing for his debut as host of the Late Show on September 8th, to provide some very humorous commentary on the historic ruling handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States that made marriage equality legal on a national basis. Colbert left no stone unturned, poking gentle fun at commitment, gay pride in less populous states and some of the more extreme verbiage found in Associate Justice Antonin Scalia‘s dissenting opinion, but not before inviting Scalia to be a guest on his show.

Please come on my show sir. …Scalia also took issue with the that marriages is about free expression, grumbling, “Expression, sure enough, is a freedom, but anyone in a long-lasting marriage will attest that that happy state constricts, rather than expands, what one can prudently say”, which is both a fiery dissent and the world’s longest “Lockhorns” comic.