Stephen Colbert Introduces Stephen Colbert’s Identical Twin Cousin Stephen Colbert

In a clip from The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert formally introduced “Stephen Colbert”, the identical twin cousin of The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert.

After the real Colbert brought back his Colbert Report character “Stephen Colbert” in a recent episode of The Late Show, CBS was contacted by the “top lawyer from another company” (likely Viacom, the company that owns Comedy Central, the channel that aired The Colbert Report) to say that the use of the character violated intellectual property law.

Also in apparent breach of intellectual property was Colbert’s use of his old segment “The Wørd” which prompted the host to introduce a new segment titled “Werd.” The first installment of the new segment focused on choosing between the lesser of two evils.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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