Some of the Funniest Moments in ‘Star Trek’ History

Looper takes a look at some of the funniest moments that took place within the entire Star Trek franchise. This list, which used footage from both the various television series and movies, is pretty accurate.

Whether it’s Captain Picard reciting a Shakespeare sonnet from the bridge of the USS Enterprise in order to win back Lwaxana Troi from Ferengi DaiMon Tog, Lt. Commander Data as Friar Tuck being shot with an arrow, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock acting like “wise guys” in Chicago circa 1920, or the entire crew of Deep Space Nine going back in time to the original Enterprise, the writers of each series had a good sense of humor.

The classic film and television franchise Star Trek is known for its optimistic take on the future, and for blending science fiction action with thought provoking ideas. But as true fans know, the Star Trek series also boasts more than its fair share of comedy as well.