A Gregarious St. Bernard Became Best of Friends With the 95 Year Old Woman Who Lived Next Door

When a wonderfully gregarious St. Bernard named Brody was a puppy, he befriended Sally Reenhorn, the nice elderly lady who lived next door to his family home in Mount Vernon, Washington when he showed up at her back door. Sally had nothing to give the puppy except a piece of toast, which he readily accepted. That initial treat became a tradition that kept Brody coming back to her door every day, multiple times.

I thought, well, maybe he wants some old bread. And he loved it! And to this day, you will not believe it, he will not take dog food from me! He only wants bread from me…

The two have since been inseparable. Unfortunately, Sally suffered a mild heart attack and need to be moved to a senior housing center three miles away. Brody still gets to see his best friend whenever he wants but doesn’t really understand that Sally doesn’t live next door anymore. But he always remembers Sally.

Four months later, he still runs over to her house and puts his paws up on the window. He still lopes off to the back and rounds the corner to the sliding door and sits there waiting for his friend.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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