A Tiny Squirrel Who Lost Her Front Legs to a Trap Learns to Walk With a Custom Wheeled Prothesis

Karamel Squirrel With Prothesis

A tiny little squirrel was found caught in an animal trap in Batman, Turkey and brought to the local animal hospital. The injuries were so severe however, that the doctor’s turned to Tayfun Demir, a compassionate man in Istanbul who already rescued other squirrels. Demir generously took the squirrel into his home and named her Karamel. He then recruited the assistance of benevolent volunteers including three professionals from the Istanbul Ayd?n University – orthotist Mustafa Gültekin, orthopedist Tolgay ?atana, and physical therapist Eylem Küçük – to help rehabilitate and create a wheeled prothesis for this tiny patient.

Karamel underwent two surgeries, one lasting six hours. Saving Karamel’s legs became impossible due to gangrene. But a specially constructed prosthesis allowed Karamel to be outfitted with wheels. The rehab team is getting Karamel accustomed to such a device, and making adjustments to ensure a good fit for their final design.

The prothesis has gone through many iterations, but as of April 10, 2018, Karamel has been fitted with the final version of the prothesis.

(translated) The moment has come and the Squirrel Caramel has begun running with the prosthesis.

Final version of Karamel's Prothesis

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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