Squirrel Enthusiast Provides Commentary as Two Squirrels Navigate an Elaborate Obstacle Course to Reach a Bird Feeder

Squirrel enthusiast Steve Barley set up a Squirrel Grand National obstacle course leading to his bird feeder and recorded video of two squirrels trying to reach the finish line. Barley provides play-by-play commentary of the event as two squirrels named Ninja Nutcase and Lady Bobtail race neck-and-neck through the course.

Barley has set up a number of different squirrel obstacle courses over the past several years.

The ‘Squirrel Man of Hitchin’ brings you the ultimate backyard obstacle course – the Squirrel Grand National. This unique event in the racing calendar has all the squirrel action you’d expect from fences made out of scrap wood, green pan scourers and even plastic spoons! But which squirrel will you bet on?

via Tastefully Offensive

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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