Scientists Discover How Spinach Leaves Can Carry Blood Within the Human Body to Regrow Tissue

Spinach Leaf Blood

In a brilliant experiment entitled “Crossing Kingdoms“, scientists at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts, posited that decellularized spinach leaves would be able to carry blood, oxygen and nutrients within the human body to help regrow tissue. Using the veins of the spinach to mimic that of the human vascular system, the WPI team first deleted all of the plant cells from the leaf then repopulated the leaf with human cells with astoundingly successful results.

WPI research team shows spinach leaves stripped of plant cells can become a vascular network to deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to grow human tissues like cardiac muscle to treat heart attack patients. This green solution may solve the major problem now limiting the regeneration of large section of human tissues, bone, even whole organs to treat disease or traumatic injuries.


Plant Mammal

Spinach Leaf Process

images via Science Direct

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