Spider-Man Battles Enemies With His New Web Mods in a ‘Cheesy’ Special Effects Video

Los Angeles filmmaker Andrew McMurry of Nukazooka created “Spider-Man: Web Mods,” a special effects video about Spider-Man (Kristof Waltermire) saving a lady in trouble (Raven Duda) by trying out all sorts of new web mods on his enemies. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man makes short work of his foes by shocking, burning, blowing up, and blowing them away. Things get a “little cheesy” at the end.

We all know Spider-Man is an inventive super hero, but he takes it to another level by testing some modded web types. Enjoy!

Spider-Man Battles Enemies With His All New Web Mods in 'Cheesy' Special Effects Video

Justin Page
Justin Page

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