A Fascinating Speed Comparison of Terrestrial Animals

Red Side created a fascinating 3D animation comparing the speed of animals that starts with a slow-moving snail and progresses across an array of more than 50, mostly terrestrial animals, with the fastest being a cheetah. The first section was a race of sorts, the second section shows the speed of each animal from their point of view. This video was special as the artist loves animals.

This is the Eleventh Speed Comparison series! This is also a Special Video for me because i love nature, i love animals and, so this is next most wanted from you after Missiles. In this video is included +50 Animals which i put them in a race to show the top speed of them.

What’s interesting to note is that humans and raccoons run at the same rate of speed (24 km/hour/15 mph).

Man v Raccoon
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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