Snarky McF*ckButtons – Wear What You’re *Really* Thinking

We’ve been wearing these little ditties around for a while now, since they mysteriously turned up by the bucketful for RoboexoticUS last spring, courtesy that lovable artistic misanthrope, CTP.


CTP has been making buttons for years for various reasons, and he was broken into starting Snarky McF*ckbuttons because of all the dweebs who kept asking him to make buttons (Be flattered! You may be one of those dweebs!). One-fifty each, (cheap!) guaranteed to keep hippies and people with no sense of humor at bay.

CTP was sweet enough to make us custom ones for RoboGames. Mine says “Dave says no.”, where Dave’s just says “No.” It’s great how so many pointless conversations can be avoided this way.