How the Carnivorous Pitcher Plant Acts As a Natural Toilet for the Tree Shrew

Wild Life shared a very interesting fact about the carnivorous pitcher plant and how it is dangerous to some but gently opens its lid to provide sweet nectar to the tiny tree shrew. It also keeps its lid open for the tiny mammal to use as a toilet on a daily basis. This is a very symbiotic relationship, the tree shrew gets a sweet treat and the plant gets the fertilization it needs.

Look this plant is slowly opening its lid. Doesn’t it look very much like your toilet? …This plant is the famous pitcher plant. …every morning this tree shrew come to visit them sweet juice seeps out of the fuzz on the lid of the pitcher plant. this is the tree shrews favorite dessert…in exchange for free food it decides to leave something behind …. this is actually what the pitcher plant wants.

Pitcher Plant Tree Shrew Toilet

Sir David Attenborough also looked at this amazing natural phenomenon in 2010.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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