Compassionate Construction Workers Carefully Free a Helpless Snake Who Got Tangled in Duct Tape

While building a new house, a compassionate construction worker named Dominick Sparacino and a co-worker gently, tirelessly and carefully used their cutting tools to free a helpless Kingsnake who had gotten tangled into an inescapable ball of duct tape. While the snake couldn not expressly thank Sparacino and friend, the fact that the snake could slither away was thanks enough for both men. Sparacino condensed the footage into a timelapse in order to show the entire process in a short period of time.

We found this guy wrapped in duct tape in the house I am building. So we cut him free. Like most construction sites, it is common to have trash on the ground. My guess is he slithered over the tape, panicked, & got tangled.

Here’s the longer, non-timelapse version of the rescue.

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