A Brilliant Timelapse That Combines the Frenetic Pace of NYC With the Starry Skies of Death Valley

In honor of the International Dark-Sky Association’s Dark Sky Week 2018, filmmakers Gavin Heffernan of Sun Chaser Pictures and Harun Mehmedinovic of Blood Honey left the peaceful comfort of the Grand Canyon and traded it for the concrete hustle of New York City. This frenetic composite timelapse combines the pace of one the most magnificent cities in the world with the calming starry skies of Death Valley and is part of their ongoing collaboration in the Skyglow project.

…an experimental timelapse which imagines how the skies above New York City would look without light pollution. Inspired by the “Darkened Cities” stills project by Thierry Cohen, this short film composites the heavily light polluted “City That Never Sleeps” with the pristine night skies of Grand Canyon and Death Valley International Dark-Sky Parks.