Skydiver Bumps His GoPro Camera Off at 12.5K Feet & It Films the Entire Dizzying Freefall

On YouTube, Canada-based skydiver MartialArt23 uploaded this video that shows the freefall footage from the GoPro camera that he accidentally bumped off his head at 12,500 feet. The journey down is a dizzying one but the camera landed without a scratch.

He says:

bumped my head on the door frame on exit unclasping the latch on the box. The camera popped out on exit at 12.500 and fell straight down onto the landing area at the DZ and was recovered by a fellow skydiver. It even caught our landings. Not one scratch on the body or lens. Still can’t believe that I got it back and that it is totally fine. A buddy the same day who is one of our camera flyers had the same thing happen but with his SLR….not the same result. I’m definitely a gopro fan for life these little guys are bomb proof

via Boing Boing

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff