Skot Olsen’s Amazing Giant Squid Art at The Shooting Gallery

Blessed Saint Architeuthis

Skot Olsen, who creates amazing giant squid themed art, is having a solo show at the The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco which opens on Saturday, December 13th.

From Skot Olsen’s newsletter:

Inspired by 19th-century maritime artwork and my love for giant squid, this show focuses on strange and often perilous encounters humans have with the sea and the things that dwell there. From maritime disasters to the commercial harvest of sea monsters to Poseidon himself, this show gives a glimpse of things many people wouldn’t and didn’t live to tell about. If you find yourself in the San Francisco area this December, be sure to stop by the Shooting Gallery, no life-jacket required.

“Blessed Saint Architeuthis” by Skot Olsen