Skitch, An Amazing Image Capture Program by Plasq

Skitch is an amazing new Mac-based image capture program created by Melbourne based software company plasq, the guys who make Comic Life. Skitch makes it super easy take screenshots, edit and annotate them, and share with other people or upload to a blog, Flickr and so on. They have also developed mySkitch, an online service where people can share images captured via Skitch. I used Skitch to create and upload this screenshot to mySkitch which I then embeded on this post.

Kudos to my friend Cris Pearson, CEO and co-founder of plasq and the rest of the plasq team for developing such an awesome application.

Skitch and mySkitch are currently in invite-only beta, but plasq’s Brian Caldwell has hooked us up with a few invites to give out. If anyone is interested in trying it out, just send us your email address.