Sign Language Interpreter Passionately Embodies the Vibe of a Lamb of God Live Heavy Metal Show

We’ve previously written about the amazingly creative people who perform very important job of interpreting and visualizing live music for the deaf and hearing impaired and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter and ASL teacher Lindsay Rothschild-Cross is no exception.

As the band Lamb of God was performing during the Austin leg of the Slayer Final Tour, Rothschild-Cross fully embodied the heavy metal vibe and then passionately visualized it to the audience. Her performance was a truly sight to behold, as evidenced in footage captured by fan Freddie Ibarra.

(translated) All the Fury and The aggressiveness of Lamb Of God, transmitted and carried by this girl in sign language for deaf people … metal without borders, my respects.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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