Shittens, Mittens For Protecting Your Hands From Poop


Shittens are a concept for flushable moist wipe mittens that aim to protect your hands from poop. They will each sport an “anti-bacterial inner lining for double the protection.” Currently, they are seeking funding in an IndieGoGo campaign. If brought to mainstream production, they will be called “Schmittens” according to Rachel Fine, co-owner of Shittens.

How many times have you taken a butt wipe to the posterier of an innocent child, hoping against hope that the wind doesn’t shift, blowing the contaminated end of the flailing wipe towards your own hands?

And how many times has your dog’s “number two” been a little closer to a “number one and a half”, requiring the deadly grab & pull maneuver with whatever substandard collection material you find laying around?
Enough is enough.

With new Shittens, you can fully protect your hands while tending to the dirty deed.

via DudeIWantThat

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff