A Cleverly Designed Shark Desk for Kids

Kids Shark Desk Room

The Southern California company Cilek Kids Room offers some wonderfully imaginative furniture for worldwide purchase. Among these pieces is a really cleverly designed desk that pops out of the mouth a comically big-mouthed shark with rolling blue eyes and large illuminated teeth.

Cilek Pirate Shark Desk is the perfect desk for adventurous pirates. It is the most fun ever desk with rolling shark eyes. Features a molded shark body with illuminated teeth as reading lights.

This desk is part of their Pirate Collection, which also features a twin ship bed, a desk chair with skull and bones adornment, and a barrel toy chest.

Pirate Room

Kids Shark Desk Room Side

Kids Shark Desk Globe

Kids Shark Desk Side

Kids Shark Desk

via The Awesomer