Shanks FX Recreates the Time Slice Effect From ‘Back to the Future’ Using Stop-Motion Animation & Light Painting

Shanks FX, a web series by Joey Shanks and produced by PBS Digital Studios, recently recreated the time slice effect from Back to the Future using stop-motion animation and light painting techniques.

This is Part 1 of 3. The 2nd installment will deal with the editing process of putting all these frames and exposures together. The 3rd installment will deal with creating miniatures and using forced perspective for our clock tower sequence.

The one of the last shots of the film was me trying to animate our mini-van doing the time slice technique. It took me 4 full days to get 27 frames with about 8-14 exposures for each frame. Not sure if I have the strength to finish it. It was a lot harder then I thought. No maybe if I was animating a real Delorean, my energy and interest would spark up again!

music by Big Fok

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips