SFShenanigans Host Christmas in August on BART

Woodland Lights

SFShenanigans is a San Francisco based prankster group inspired by New York’s amazing Improv Everywhere. Last month SFShenanigans had a Reverse Trick-or-Treat Halloween event on BART. Their next event, “Christmas In August” takes place this Sunday, August 26th where they will be signing Christmas carols on BART.

Well, we’ve done Halloween in July, and now it’s time for Christmas in August. And what is more Christmas-y than carols? Singing carols makes the singer happy, and more importantly it makes the listener smile.

The plan is simple: We sing carols carols, in August, aboard BART trains. I’ll provide the song sheet, you provide your voice, we all have fun.

When and where shall we meet?
Sunday, August 26
Powell BART Station, West end of the platform.

I’ll be wearing a Santa hat for easy spotting!

Agent Wyrd

UPDATE 1: Linton Johnson, a representative from BART, has warned SFShenanigans that they will need a “free speech” permit or else BART Police will shut down the event. SFShenanigans has updated their blog stating that the event is still on.

UPDATE 2: BART representative Linton Johnson responds to the criticism regarding the “free speech” permit requirement.

UPDATE 3: SFShenanigans is reporting that “the event went off without a hitch”. A full mission report will follow.

UPDATE 4: SFShenanigans has posted their Christmas In August Debrief.

photo credit: Scott Beale