Seven Deadly Sins, A Group Art Exhibition at Rothick Art Haus

The Glutton by Jason Levesque

Seven Deadly Sins is a group art exhibition featuring artist interpretations of the seven deadly sins and it happens at Rothick art haus in Anaheim, California. The show’s opening reception is Saturday April 14, 2012 from 7 pm to 10 pm and the exhibition runs through May 5, 2012.

The show features Casey Weldon, Jason Levesque, Aaron Kraten, McEvoy &Rodriquez, Apricot Mantle, Nicole Bruckman, Jophen Stien, Krystopher Sapp, Amy Kaplan, William Zdan, Candy, Jose Carabes, Craig Skibs Barker, Quyen Dhin, Ron Pete, Jennifer Cotterill, Jackson Rott, Veronica Lyenn Harper, Cody Raiza, Maritza Torre, Dustin Myers, Sara Haase, Marlon Mcwilliams, Danny Schutt, Irene Garcia, Alex Gardner, Jiame Jimenez, Max Bare, Mimi Yoon, Lisa Moneypenny, Michael White, Richard Perez and more.

Red Lips and Gentle Hands by Brad Barker