Three Muppets in Sunglasses Try to Keep a Chaotic Bip Bippadotta From Disturbing Their Orderly Rhyme

In a classic Sesame Street video, three disapproving Anything Muppets in sunglasses try to keep a chaotic Bip Bippadotta from disturbing their cool sense of order and rhyme.

They each recited four rhyming words in a row such as “Fat Cat Sat Hat”. The trio then repeated the words one at a time in sequence with one another before Bip came running in to make a scat song out of the rhyming words. After this happened a couple of times, the tidy threesome did its best to block the wild beatnik from interrupting their sense of order, but to no avail. That is, until the end.

In the end, Bip’s colleagues tell him to “scat,” making him run into the camera with his mouth wide open, thus ending the song.

Fat Cat Sat Hat

via The Awesomer