A Unique Self Playing Guitar With a Circular Mechanical Device That Does the Strumming

Musician Anthony Dickens of Studio Make Believe built the Circle Guitar, an original instrument that only requires the fretting hand to do the work. The rhythm side of the instrument is completely self-playing, with buttons that generate different effects and a motor that strikes the strings. Additionally, the guitar syncs perfectly with DAW or MIDI devices and Dickens is regularly adding upgrades and updates.

Circle generates sounds, textures, and rhythms that would be impossible with a conventional electric guitar. By using a mechanical device to strike the strings, rather than a human hand, you can exceed what is physically possible and push guitar playing into new, unexplored territories.

Wonder World also reviewed this unique guitar.

This is the Self Playing Circle Guitar, now obviously it’s not a Fully Self Playing Guitar, you still need to hold it, use some of the controls and create the notes on the fret board.