A Life Affirming Circular Experimental Dance Video Set to the Sébastien Guérive Song ‘OMEGA II’

Thomas Blanchard, an incredibly imaginative color artist, used the simplicity of black and white to convey the hypnotic nature of the Sébastien Guérive song “OMEGA II”. The still camera focuses on the movement of a dancer (alicerfdd) whose arms and legs were manipulated in post-production to create ongoing circles, so as to symbolize the circle of life.

Macro shots on the moving dancer’s skin mimic an insect ready to emerge from its chrysalis. …In erasing the body contours of the filmed subject, we were able to create new visible shapes, lines, textures, and sensations. …The camera does not follow the dancer, rather remains stationary as the dancer’s movements create life within the frame.

via Vimeo Staff Picks