Scientology Responds to Anonymous As 2nd Global Protest Nears

Beginning in January a group calling itself Anonymous began an online campaign against the Church of Scientology (know as Project Chanology), leading to a global protest of Scientology on February 10th. Earlier this week Scientology (or people claiming to represent Scientology) posted with their own video response to Anonymous, accusing them of hate crimes and terrorism.

A second global protest of Scientology organized by Anonymous “Operation Party Hard – The Ides of March” is scheduled for this Saturday, March 15th, to be followed by “Operation Reconnect” on April 12th to reunite families “disconnected” by Scientology.

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UPDATE: Jason DeFillippo has a write-up on SF Metblogs about Anonymous’ March 15th protest in San Francisco.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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