Scent Infused Drinking Glasses Designed to Trick the Brain Into Thinking That Water Has Flavor

In an effort to get people to drink more water and actually enjoy doing so, founders Isaac Lavi, Ori Mendelevich and Erez Rubenstein have created “The Right Cup“, drinking glasses that are infused with the scent of fruit to trick the brain into thinking the water is flavored.

The overall flavor experience is a result of the combination between scent and taste. …We took the same FDA approved aromatic fruit flavors which beverage companies use in their drinks, and by using proprietary technology we’ve managed to safely insert them directly into the The Right Cup instead of into the drink. Our unique design positions your nose right over the opening, so your nose fully picks up the fruit aroma while your tongue flirts with a hint of sweet taste. As a result, your brain is led to believe you’re drinking deliciously flavored water, while in fact you’re drinking natural, healthy water.

The team is currently raising funds through Indiegogo in order to bring the product to market.




images via The Right Cup

via Food Beast

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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