‘Scaled In Miles’, An Intricate Interactive Timeline Navigating the Incredible Career of Miles Davis

Scaled in Miles

Boston-base design shop Fathom has created a remarkable interactive map that utilizes integrated audio along an intricate timeline of the incredible career of jazz great Miles Davis including detailed information about the musicians with whom he’d worked and the places where he recorded and performed.

Here is a look at the history of Miles Davis’ career and collaborations according to his recording sessions as documented by the Jazz Discography Project. Over four hundred recording sessions are shown in a timeline across the middle of the screen. The circles above it represent the nearly six hundred people who played those sessions; larger circles indicate more sessions with Miles. Scrub and click over the timeline to highlight the people who played with Miles on each date. You can also find specific artists and highlight their sessions by clicking on the circles, or by entering different names in the search box. And if your browser plays audio, you can listen to samples from iTunes in the upper left.

Fathom also created a beautiful print that maps out Davis’ career in blue and gold and is available for purchase.

Scaled in Miles


images via Fathom