Woodworker Tries to Guess the Type of Wood Sawdust Baked Into Bread In a Blind Taste Test

After reading about how bakers once used sawdust in their bread to cut costs, woodworker Justin Davies of justinthetrees baked five different loaves of bread, one plain and the other four with increasing amounts of sawdust in the recipe. He found that the first three of the sawdust-enhanced were tolerable, while the last one was difficult to swallow.

In this episode I first try and see just how much sawdust I can bake into bread before it becomes noticeable and/or inedible,

He then baked six different “flavors” of bread, each with different species of sawdust in the mix. He hoped to be able to guess the type of tree by the taste.

I decide to take things to the next level by blind taste testing six different species of sawdust loaves. Please enjoy my suffering for your entertainment.

He did surprisingly well, only getting two out of the six wrong.

via Boing Boing

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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