Santacon Founder Santa Rob Tells Santas: “Go Do Something Else”


Today Dan Glass wrote an excellent Gothamist article on the history and controversy surrounding Santacon, the anarchic Santa event that has grown from a bit of San Francisco Cacophony Society street theater in 1994 to the booze-fueled international street party it is today. Gothamist was able to track down Santacon’s shadowy founder, Santa Rob, who offered this advice to Santa: “Go do something else.”

“I like it when you do an event and there are problems. People learn how to deal with issues by getting in trouble. New York got in trouble. They had a lot of fun. Now, go do something else.” –Santa Rob

Back in March 2013, John Law (who is mentioned in the Gothamist article) gave his two cents on Santacon.

photo by Dan Glass