SanFran MusicTech Summit – Music, Business & Technology


The SanFran MusicTech Summit, a conference focusing on the convergence of music, business and technology, takes place on February 25th at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. The conference is offering Laughing Squid readers a 10% discount, just use the discount code “laughingsquid” when you register. They are also giving away two free tickets to the event for the 3rd and 10th person to email with the words “Laughing Squid” in the title.

The SanFran MusicTech Summit 2/25/08
San Francisco, Hotel Kabuki

The SanFran MusicTech Summit will bring together the best and brightest developers in the Music/Technology Space, along with the musicians, entrepreneurial business people, and organizations who work with them at the convergence of culture and commerce. We will meet to discuss the evolving music/business/technology ecosystem in a proactive, conducive to dealmaking environment.

Panelists are already confirmed from Yahoo, YouTube, MusicIP, Pandora, Jambase, Pandora, Rhapsody, SomaFM, Sun Microsystems, Apple, iLike, Rhapsody, Rock River Music, MP3Tunes, Eventful, SMTV, and more, with additional invitations out to numerous marquee technologists, musicians, entrepreneurs, press, investors, and others.

These include leaders in the space such as Kevin Arnold, John Perry Barlow, Glen Otis Brown, Tom Conrad, Corey Denis, Andy Gadiel, Rusty Hodge, Rob Kaye, Dave Kostiner, Ali Partovi, Sandy Pearlman, Michael Robertson, Tim Quirk, and more…

The SanFran MusicTech Summit will bring together digital thought leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as from all around the country to the region which currently leads the way in innovating (both socially, and technologically) new ways of interacting with both music, and musicians. We will be working long term to help enable a sustainable, ongoing, Northern California based music and related technology market.

photo by Scott Beale