Animated Trash Eating Mutants in a Post-Human World Sail Around a Sunken New York City in Search of Food

For their animated series “Mutant Sequencer”, Brain Dead introduces a pair of trash-eating mutants, known as S.L.U.G.Z., who sail their boat around a sunken New York City in search of food while fending those who want to take what’s theirs for their own.

It is 2026. New York City is under 600 feet of water, famine & radiation have transformed the human race into a mutant species of trash eating freaks known as S.L.U.G.Z.

The story was created by several designers and animators working together. This is just one installment of a five-part series by Brain Dead in partnership with Illumination Studios.

We have teamed up with legendary animation powerhouse Illumination Studios to produce ‘Mutant Sequencer’, a series of short animations by some of the most cutting edge animators, designers, artists and filmmakers.


via Nag on the Lake