Ryan Gosling Revisits His Anger Behind the Use of the Papyrus Font in the ‘Avatar’ Movies

While returning as a host on Saturday Night Live, actor Ryan Gosling brilliantly reprised the role of Steven, a man who, in 2017 was deeply disturbed by the fact that the movie Avatar used the Papyrus font.

After spending years to work past it, Steven (Ryan Gosling) is confronted by the very thing he’s been trying to avoid.

After seven years of therapy, Steven revisited his trauma, noting that a small change had been made. Unfortunately, it was not enough for Steven and his Joker-esque need to confront the designer in public.

Tell them what you did. The Avatar logo is Papyrus in bold. It’s an afterthought…Nobody cares. Does James Cameron care?

It turns out that Steven was the son of Jonathan Wingding, the creator of Wingdings.

My dad was so hard to read.

The Original ‘Papyrus’ Sketch From 2017

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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