Vivid Paint Balls Burst Open In Brilliant Hues to Envelope Other Colors in the Short Film ‘Unity’

Filmmaker Rus Khasanov has created a beautiful short film that features vivid paint balls bursting open in brilliant hues that easily envelope other colors already on the surface. This effect is both highly satisfying and somewhat unsettling at the same time. The soundtrack by with accompaniment by Dmitry Evgrafov plays a calming force within the film.

Khasanov stated that he had quite the time creating the footage to his liking.

The central idea was to get this shot: two paintballs on a clean colourful background merge into one big ball. It sounds pretty simple, but really… no matter what I did, such a shot did not work out in any way…A couple of months later …I found an easy and stable way for the paint balls to be attracted to each other, merged and not burst. When you master the technique, you can already playfully turn the flaws into advantages: now in the bursting paint ball I see not a nightmare, but a bright colorful explosion which reminds me of fireworks.


via Vimeo Staff Picks

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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