An Ambitious Rube Goldberg Inspired Game That Keeps a Blue Marble in Motion Over Two Tabletops

In 2018, the very mechanically talented Kaplamino (previously) created two different versions of his original Rube Goldberg inspired tabletop pinball game “The Blue Marble” (part one and part two). Kaplamino returned with a third and extremely ambitious version of his tabletop game. This particular version uses two different tables, rubber bands, air loop and for good measure, a tape measure.

I’m out of my comfort zone this time because the chain reaction is taking place on two tables, and with 0 fidget spinners. It is the longest in terms of duration and the one that takes up the most space in my room. I tried to use a little bit of everything like rubber bands, magnets, and elements. I had so many failures that I stopped counting, as always only a few tricks were responsible for the majority of failures …Now let’s talk about the tricks!